This site

This site is made with 11ty.js, a static site generation framework in JavaScript. It’s the future, I tell you. It’s served from a supersmall server in a datacenter in Nicosia, Cyprus, and proxied to a $5 Linode server while I work on actually exposing it to the Internet.

I write my pages in Obsidian and Craft, with my preference clearly towards Obsidian, as it creates markdown files that I can simply process in 11ty, while Craft expects me to jump through hoops and has no bidirectionality.


I was voted “most likely to spend his life in prison” in school. Instead, I became a paramedic and nurse and went on to study medicine. Which, let’s be fair, is one leg in prison on the best of days, so they were right.

I spent the early 2000s in dotcom, being miserable and rich. My escape was the restaurant industry (I trained to be a cook), which made me happy and poor. Medicine makes me too busy to be miserable and too busy to spend money, so now I am neither unhappy nor poor. That’s progress.

As a neuropsychologist, I’d be remiss to not share my (rather dull, admittedly) NEO-PI-R results.

Interests and Research

My focus in research is on the ill-named “Healthcare 4.0” (I have dot-release PTSD from my days in dotcom), meaning the intersection of technology, especially emerging technologies, and medicine. From better modalities to train the next generation of physicians, computer and technology literacy in clinics and hospitals, the chances and threats of a heavily connected and interconnected systems.

I believe, that the “final frontier” of this decade is the expansion of health care into more areas of underserved and underrepresented communities. Colleagues focus on the Public Health aspect of this, I am more interested in the practicalities of “boots on the ground” medicine, bringing health care to those who traditionally do not seek it out or have no opportunity to do so.