November 27, 2022: 1000 Days Of Covid: An unpopular opinion.

The past precisely 1000 days since the first WHO recommendations almost all communication, medially but also medically, has been tainted by greed, simplification, demarcation, side-taking, politicking, and sloganeering. Development of measures was led by financial and corporate interests, measures were hyped or put down, depending on feelings and sensitivities, not the commons and public health were first to be considered

November 15, 2022: This isn’t Mastodon

This isn’t Mastodon. Or Twitter-like. But this weblog is part of the Fediverse nonetheless. If you are following, you will see my content. You could comment on it, “like” it, repost it. Just as you would with a standard 500 character Mastodon “Toot.” Which is, why articles like this one from Wired (whom I am loath to give more

October 22, 2022: NSDR, the College Try

As I wrote in Accountability, I am a fan of Dr. Andrew Huberman’s work, and wanted to give NSDR a try. In theory, it would allow me to “recharge” quickly during breaks in the day, making it possible to work more concentrated and with less fatigue. My days, currently, all look about the same: get up at 5am, hit the

October 18, 2022: I don’t take as many photos anymore

With every new iPhone, every move, every change in location, I swear that this time’s the time I return to my glorious Bay Area days. Between 2002 and 2009, owning a number of more or less very bulky cameras, I took an average of 12 pictures a day. Today, that number has dwindled to less than two, often less than

October 13, 2022: Rembrandt, med school shitposter

Known mostly for his paintings, Rembrandt was much more than that. A rebel, a polyamorous partner and lover, and (least well known) the first medical school shitposter. Dr. Tulp was a well known anatomist and teacher. As the lead surgeon of the guild of surgeons in 1632, the “honor” of performing the one autopsy permitted every year in the Netherlands

September 28, 2022: I let an AI illustrate my blog

With DALL-E and Stable Diffusion no longer waitlisted, those who had access to the API before got a little more cycles to play with. Which led to me doing something I wanted to do for a while: be lazy while an AI does the work on my blog.

September 3, 2022: Accountability

It’s time I take responsibility for my health and general wellbeing. I have let myself down by using the past 30 months as an excuse for almost everything.

August 28, 2022: The Meseta

It has become en vogue to hate the Meseta. Nobody really knows why, but the stretch between Burgos and the Cowboy Bar receives most of the dislike when it comes to walking the Camino Franc├ęs. That’s very dumb.

June 18, 2022: Fediverse

The fediverse isn’t Twitter or a better Twitter. It is, in its core, the spiritual successor to Pingback and Trackback, in friendly competition to WebMentions and the IndieWeb in general, and a way to keep your content yours.

April 18, 2022: I do not regret a single day in medicine´┐╝

It is time, I write this love letter to medicine. Medicine has, both in its application and in its practice, literally saved my life more than once. A mild chronic illness aside, I am generally healthy, until I am not. And, given a tumultuous (putting it mildly) life story, medicine gave me the vision and goals I always craved.