Low to very low, with slight-moderate peaks in Impulsiveness/Immoderation.


High to very high peaks in Gregariousness, Activity, Positive Emotion, and Cheerfulness, and Kindness. Moderate to high peaks in Warmth, Assertiveness, Group focused achievement thinking. Moderate in Excitement Seeking and Vivacity.

Openness to Experience

Moderate in Fantasy and Imagination, Aesthetics. Low in Emotionality. High in Actions/Adventurousness/Exploration and Ideas/Intellectual Interest. Very high in Values/Psychological Liberalism/Tolerance to Ambiguity.


Moderate in Trust (in others), High in Straightforwardness/Morality. Moderate-High in Altruism. Low in Modesty. Moderate in Compliance/Cooperation.


High in Self-efficacy. Low in Order/Organization, Self-discipline. Very High in Willpower. Moderate in Dutifulness/Sense of Duty, Achievement Striving. Low in Deliberation and Cautiousness.