Chasing the 100 of 100x4

Since moving to a supersmall server, my main concerns were its performance. Those turned out to be unfounded. Which, let’s face it, isn’t much of a surprise. 2005s me would have given one and a half below-the-knee legs for a server with the beef provided by the, now crazily low-powered, Raspberry Pi 2.

Turns out that, once you’ve got the “will this serve” question dealt with, the next frontier are those 4x100 scores from Google. At least if you’re participating in the niche community of supersmall server fanatics.

Who, by the by, consider me a “superpower” user, seeing how the current reigning champ is serving a website from his toaster oven. And, no, this ain’t a scam, he really does.

Getting to 100x4 wasn’t super hard. New image formats and aggressive cache values make even the obnoxius “medimikka” background figure bearable, and the rest is just text, serve from a slimmed down nginx version that is all the rage in supersmall circles.

Accessibility is more or less just a question of alt texts, screen reader readiness with ARIA, and choosing high contrast colors (no #f00 for you, bucko).

Best practices is a weird one and largely not applicable to this site. I don’t prevent pasting passwords, because there are none. I don’t ask for geolocation or, in fact, log anything, because who needs that? And I don’t set cookies, for the same reason.

Leaves SEO, which leaves me cold, but of course Google has to have that in its checks. A quick meta description and we’re all set.

So now I am super-not-super-small and 4x100. Next up: implementing XFN again, maybe having a look at webmentions for some fun with commentary, getting a non-sucking comment system implemented… the stuff people do, when they’re given too little free time to do actually meaningful things.