This website is served from a $25 server. No, not $25/month, that’d be overkill. It cost me, total, $25 to build the server and deploy it.

More precisely, it’s an old Raspberry Pi 2 from 2014 ($10 at a garage sale, still in its box), booting from a $9 32G SD card. I am cannibalizing power from a nearby router’s USB port (with permission), and my overall power and ethernet use profile is so low, they’ve yet to charge me. At some point I might be staring down the barrel of a $10 invoice, but not today.

That’s $19, you idiot!

Yes, but it took a bus ride ($2) and a USB and Ethernet cable to get it connected.

What’s the system running?

Linux, of course (Pi OS Lite). SSH is open to my other machine, the files are served from a stripped nginx with a certificate from let’s encrypt. That’s it. No other software.


Because I can, of course.

You’re on a Linode Server, you liar

For the time being, I am proxying the output of this server through my $5 linode server. This is for one reasons: laziness. Not knowing if this would hold up to moderate traffic, I set it up that way in the beginning, and now I am too lazy to change it. If you’re really keen on seeing the unproxied web pages, contact me and I’ll send you the IP and hostname of the system.

And now?

Getting 100 of 100 is next.